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Nairobi, as a capital city, is unique in having a wildlife park on its doorstep. Indeed the city abuts the Nairobi National Park on all but the southern perimeter so it is possible to photograph a rhino, browsing peacefully among the whistling thorn with high-rise office buildings in the backdrop. There is also a resident population of plains game and predators so a visit at any time of the year is a rewarding experience. Well laid out, with exceptionally well-maintained roads, the park is a model for all others, geophysical and administratively. Of the most popular species, only the elephant is an absentee. But the rest of the Big Five: leopard, lion, buffalo, and rhino – as well as a multitude of other creatures are all well represented. Mombasa is the main Coastal City of Kenya, and it offers a wide range of activities for tourist who wants to quickly visit and see important sites. We have excellent relations with all suppliers who keep us up to date on their latest special offers and developments of their properties. Our tour consultants have visited most parks and properties in Kenya and are always willing to share their knowledge to ensure travellers are booked into suitable accommodation. Our team keeps abreast with new properties coming up and this enables us to give our clients more variety as we plan their safari with them, to ensure they get the best Kenya has to offer and make their holiday getaway one with lasting memories.

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