Tanzania Safari Faq’s


Where is Tanzania?

Tanzania is located in East Africa just south of the Equator bordering the Indian Ocean. Kenya and Uganda border to the north, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo border to the west, and Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique border to the south.

Do I need a passport to enter Tanzania?

Yes. A passport is required valid for at least six months with two blank pages.

Is a visa required for entry into Tanzania?

Depends. There are about 50 countries where citizens are not required to have a visa to enter Tanzania. For US and EU citizens, a visa is required. The cost for US citizens is $100 for a multiple entry visa valid for one year with stays no more than 90 days per entry. Costs for citizens of other countries may vary some. Visas can be obtained upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport or Julius Nyerere International Airport, but lines and wait times can be long, so we recommend getting your visa online before departing for your trip through this link: https://eservices.immigration...

Are vaccinations necessary for entry into Tanzania?

Recommended and required immunizations include Hepatitis A & B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, Mumps and rubella (MMR), tetanus, and polio. We recommend speaking with your doctor or travel health agency several months before travel to determine which vaccinations you need before your trip.

Is Tanzania safe for tourists?

Yes, Tanzania is considered a safe country. As with travel to any country, take the usual precautions and check current government travel advisories.

When is the best time of year for a wildlife safari in Tanzania?

Anytime is a good time for a safari in Tanzania! That said, Tanzania does have a peak, shoulder, and off-season. Peak season and the best time for the Great Migration are June, July, August, and September when the wildebeests and zebras are crossing the Mara River into Kenya and back to Northern Serengeti. The off-season is usually during the rains, mid-October to mid-November, and April into May. Shoulder and off seasons are still good times for safari with fewer crowds and costs.

What is the weather in Tanzania?

Temperatures are fairly stable throughout the year in Tanzania with highs in the low to mid-80s Fahrenheit or 28 degrees in Celsius and lows in the mid to upper 60s Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius at night. Tanzania has two rainy seasons, the short rains are in October/November and the long rains are March, April, and May. July is the coldest month in Tanzania.

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