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Uganda is a beautiful country of lush, bountiful rainforests and lakes that are home to a rich variety of wildlife, including many rare and endemic species - forest elephants, giant forest hogs, the Ugandan cob, and the prehistoric shoebill stork, among others. Well, with incomparably vibrant nature and a lot more for you to enjoy, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa. Uganda safaris in East Africa have for long positioned this remarkable safari destination among the very few most amazing tourist destinations in Africa and the world as a whole. Safaris and tours in Uganda take you through the country’s vast savanna grassland, rolling hills, spectacular waterfalls, glacial alpine mountains, variety of wildlife, sprawling Crater Lakes, Rivers and not to forget over 480 mountain gorillas that make your vacation unforgettable while on an African safari. Safaris in Uganda are largely conducted in 10 of its national parks and wildlife reserves where most of the country’s wildlife species are inhabited as well as other remarkable tourist sites that are of travel interest including many historical and cultural sites.

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