Uganda Safari Faq’s


Uganda Safari Faq’s

What should I wear or carry along for my Gorilla tracking safari?

Shorts, lightweight tops and sandals for travel days; good hiking boots, sun hat, sweatband & gloves (for gorilla tracking Safaris & chimps tracking/Habituation; lightweight rain gear, long sleeve shirt, and pants, a light backpack, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Most up-market lodges have swimming pools, so remember your swimsuits! Khaki colour clothing is advised since it does not attract insects and it is cooler to wear.

What does it take to do a Gorilla tracking Safari or a wildlife safari?

There may be no training needed but some level of fitness is required. Gorilla tracking will involve walking and may involve hiking up and down hills, negotiating over muddy areas or small streams, and sometimes going off track through dense forests. Once the Gorillas are located, all backpacks must be left with the porters or accompanying Park personnel. It is advisable to stretch your arms, back, and legs before and after your tracking. It could take anywhere between 1 hour to 9 hours for Gorilla tracking.

Is there an age limit for any Gorilla tracking or Wildlife safaris?

Wildlife Safaris are without an age limit but there is the only age limit for gorilla tracking, and chimpanzee tracking, which is 15 years. The primates and apes are prone to human diseases so to avoid this and the time/distance involved in these two activities makes it hard for children to participate. Chimp tracking may last from 1 to 5 hours. As time goes by, chimps get more habituated and are easier to find and less time is spent on tracking. The children however have other optional activities they can do at this time in the national parks as will be advised by the travel agent.

What do I do with the children while I go Gorilla tracking or Chimpanzee tracking?

Most Lodges and Parks have games and activities that will keep children occupied while parents are going for Gorilla or Chimpanzee tracking. Lodges can usually provide a babysitter to watch children while parents are busy. Ugandans generally love children and are very good with them. You will find that they will develop a good relationship with your children!

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